Hello there,

I am Naomi Rustenberg, a Dutch content writer or copywriter. I offer several writing services. I can help with writing your:

  • blogs
  • letters
  • books
  • manuals
  • press releases
  • texts/ copy for your website, webshop or online advertisements
  • texts/ copy for your print such as brochures
  • newspaper articles
  • HBO thesis

(all in Dutch though).

Dutch content writer and desk researcher

I also advice – startup – companies about different target groups in the Netherlands. No worries, you and I can communicate in English. I do desk research and write a strategic plan for your organization. Other companies had great benefits because of my effort and insight. For example, I’ve successfully advised and promoted a startup that was focussed on families in the Netherlands. I’ve also wrote blogs for a big e-commerce and affiliate website in the Netherlands. Furthermore I did online marketing for a children book (and I also did the editing). There are many more examples of my remote work. I would love to hear from you, share my ideas and experiences and really get to work for you. Do you want to know more about my services and rates? Let me know through naomi at ellenmae dot nl and I will get back at you as soon as possible.